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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

British Priest condones Shoplifting

A British Anglican priest is facing criticism following a controversial sermon where he advises his congregation to shoplift, according to a report from The Daily Mail.

Rev. Tim Jones, 41, told his followers that stealing from large chain stores is sometimes the best option for the poor. He said it is better for people to steal than resort to prostitution, mugging or burglary.
 Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery
He also said that it is better to steal from large, national businesses rather than small businesses.
North Yorkshire Police called the sermon "highly irresponsible" and encouraged those in difficult circumstances to "seek government support".  Why Honest People Shoplift or Commit Other Acts of Theft: Assessment and Treatment of 'Atypical Theft Offenders' - A Comprehensive Resource for Professionals and Laypersons

The Daily Mail reported that Rev. Jones claims his sermon at St. Lawrence Church in York did not violate the Bible commandment "Thou shalt not steal" because God's love for the poor is more important than the property rights of the rich.

Read more: National Post

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pope Knocked over

Today's Viral Video and Breaking News item was that of the Pope Benedict  being dragged to the ground by a woman in a red pulover who jumped over the railings as His Holiness walked past and rushed into him, knocking him down as she grabbed him whilst falling.

security guards were pretty quick to react, i mean, the Pope still ended up being dragged to the ground as she grabbed him, but security was almost instant in their reactions, grabbing the "assailant" Miss Susanna Maiolo (25) and helping the Pope back to his feet. Pope Benedict then continued his procession as normal, if only perhaps slightly stunned. Uncannily, although the Pope was completely unhurt,Cardinal Etchegaray (87) who was standing a few meters away from the Pope when the incident occured, suffered a broken leg, and was carted off to hospital.

Miss Maiolo is currently also in Hospital under observation. Apparently, this isn't the forst time that Miss Maiolo has attempted to rush the Pope by jumping over a barrier; she is alleged to have tried to do the same thing last year too!

Alma Mater: Featuring The Voice of Pope Benedict XVI 
Pic left; Pope assailant Susanna Maiolo

A Vatican spokesman stated that Maiolo (a Swiss Italian) was "apparently unbalanced," but that they would be "very lenient" with her and said that she would be pardoned. "It was an assault, but it wasn't dangerous because she wasn't armed,"

Read more:

Watch Video of Pope Benedict being knocked down (AP)

Popular Videotweets - Hot Girls In Sport

YouTube - Hot Girls In Sport is one of the most twittered Videos in the Sport Category of the moment!
The video by Sportpost has gone viral and is being tweeted all over the twittersphere since it's release on Wed, 23 Sep 2009
The video is in the top twelve twittered sports videos of all time on Truveo's video search website.

"The hottest girls in sport. Tennis girls and girls in bikinis. This video has segments showing the sexiest women in Sports including hotties like Yelena Isinbiyava (Butt shot), Maria Sharapova, Amanda Beard, Daniela Hantuchova, Athletic Anna Kournikova, Malia Jones, Allison Stokes (another Buttshot), Natalie Gulbis, Veronika Kay Becker (in the water), Satcey Kiebler (A-Go-Go) The best looking girls in sport"

Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Above Pic; Maria Sharapova - Tennis Player

 Twitter For Dummies Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online Everything twitter - From Novice To Expert: The Unofficial Guide to Everything Twitter - THE BLUE BOOK (Black & White Edition)

Watch the Viral Video;  Hot Girls in Sport

Northwest Airlines flight disrupted by fireworks

A passenger on board a transatlantic Northwest Airlines flight set off fireworks whilst the aircraft was preparing to land at Detroit airport in the United States, the airline says.
Pic left - Associated Press
The explosion went off on board the Airbus 330, which had flown from Amsterdam in Holland and was on it's way to Detroit. A few people were slightly hurt in the incident.The passenger suspected of setting off the explosion has been taken into custody by the Authorities.There were a total of 258 passengers aboard the flight as the incident occured at Detroit.
The identity of the suspect has not yet been publicly stated. Some media reports have suggested that the suspect is of Nigerian Nationality.
 Northwest Airlines: The First Eighty Years (MN) (Images of America)

Shopping at Puffington Host

oakley-gretchen-bleilersignature-aframe_Image by sakyant via Flickr
The Puffington Host has now opened it's very own Online shopping Megastore;
Initially the store has made an afilliate agreement with Amazon suppliers, and, using the Puffington Host's team of online consumer researchers, is compiling an extensive list of the best offers in all categories. The criteria used for choosing products is based on quality, availability and priceworthiness, as well as being dedicated to stay on top of the trends in popularity as far as Consumer preference is concerned. All product categories will be added as the store increases its product lines. Till now, there is a great selection in dvd, fashion and literature already presented on the storefront's menu.

Great selection of designer Sunglasses!
One thing i particularly liked as i was browsing was the choice in designer sunglasses, with some of the top designer names and best models on offer. A massive selection is there to browse through from Oakley, Gucci and Bvlgari for example. Upcoming products from a host of other designer sunglasses manufacturers are on the way, with Porsche and Gianni Versace on the "next to do" list.
Enzo Angiolini Women's Ethos Dress Sandal,Light Gold,6.5 M US
I believe the ladies might be impressed with the designer shoe section too  with an extensive array of original and fascinating models from a number of popular designers. such as Enzo Angiolini (see pic of shoes left), Pura Lopez, Martinez Valero, Shannon Britt and Stuart Weitzman to mention only a few.

DVDs are also currently being added to the Ebtertainment section with Hollywood Blockbusters, Movie Classics, Full TV series collections and top Documentaries amongs the products on offer.
Insider rumors say that the Store's developer team are currently creating the designer watch section; this is something that really interests me as im looking for a Rolex Oyster at a bargain price, so ii'll be checking that out when the section gets online. 
Check it out now on

Taliban footage of U.S. soldier real or not?

An allegedly authentic video of a U.S. Soldier captured by the Talibans The soldier is purportedly a captive since around five months ago.
Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl is currently and officially the "only known American serviceman in captivity". Bergdahl is a U.S. airborne infantryman, and was apparently captured and abducted by the Taliban on June 30th in the Province of Paktika, in Afghanistan.
The American Navy's Rear Admiral, Gregory Smith gave a statement saying;
"This is a horrible act which exploits a young soldier, who was clearly compelled to read a prepared statement."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jamie Bain Innocent and freed after 35 years

Florida man declared innocent and freed after 35 years in Jail
James Bain, a Florida Citizen who was released after 35 years in Jail for the kidnapping and rape of a nine year old boy, after DNA tests proved that he was not guilty of the crime, has stated to reporters that he is "not angry" about the mistake made which cost him 30 years of his freedom.
Bain was convicted and sentenced to Life at the age of 19 under charges of kidnapping, burglary and "strong-arm rape". As a reason for his not being angry, he said that he has "God in my head". He apppeared to reporters after his aquittal wearing a T-Shirt with the words "Not Guilty" emblazoned on the front.

To date, DNA testing has exonerated up to 250 people, but Mr. Bain is the person who has spent longest behind bars before his eventual aquittal and release (data obtained from the Innocence Project).
In Florida it has only been allowed to re-open a case in order to make DNA testing since 2001. Bain was only allowed this test after the fifth time that he submitted a hadnwritten motion, and then only after an appeal court ruled that he was entitled to the review.
At first, the Courts were expected to lay down some conditions for Bain's release because they had called for furhter extensive tests, which were made, but this was dropped because the tests were completed and presented early before the court hearing date. As he anulled the judgement, the judge is reputed to have said

"Mr. Bain, I'm now signing the order, sir, You are a free man. Congratulations" , and his Life sentence.
In the case leading to Bain's conviction, the victim Lake Wales,had told Law Enforcement authorities that his assailant had "Bushy sideburns and a moustache" The victim was then given five photos to look at and he picked Bain out from them.
The victim has apparenty been told about Bain proven innocence and subsequent release.
After leaving the courtrooms and being asked what he is going to do, he said "I am going to see my Mom" is Mothe has said that she is going to put her house and car in his name and that "My son has suffered enough"

Watch Video

Photos; Associated Press

Are Aliens Flying over Turkey?

Ufo over Turkey
A lot of chattering is going on lately over a couple of videos which have been spreading virally over the internet of an unidentified flying object in the skies over Istanbul, Turkey which was filmed on two occasions by local fishermen.
One of the videos appears to show aliens sitting on the edge of a crescent shaped craft which is seen hovering in the sky. What is strange about the matter is the fact that thw witnesses are honest run of the mill fishermen, and do not seem to be ufo buffs in any sense of the word. Although such a thing could easily be brushed off as "Humbug", the videos seem to be authentic, and are beginning to cause widespread interest around thw orld, appearing on you tube and daily motion the clips are being spread around on blogs all over the internet and blogosphere.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Berlusconi Punched

Amazing Video footage of Italy's Pemiere and Media boss Silvio Berlusconi being attacked and punched in the face with a statue by a man who climbed over the rail as Berlusconi was leaving the Piazza.
The assailant, whose name was given by the Police to be Massimo Tartaglia, (42), is said to posess no criminal record. Berluscono was signing autographs after speaking at a rally given by the Freedom People party last Sunday, as he was attacked by Tartaglia with a metal statue, which was used to pummel him in the face with. Berlusconi appeared stunned and was ushered into the car. He sat there for a few monents and then got out again and seemed a little angry, but was quicly re-ushered back into the safety of his limousine. See Video and pictures below.

Is Lieberman Flip Flopping on Public Health Bill?

MSNBC reports;
Joe Lieberman accused of "Flip-Flopping" on the Healthcare Bill apparently he has changed his stance in a short period of just three months and is being questioned if he is a Liberal or a Republican because of his varied utterings on his opposition to the public Health Care bill and his attempt to drag the bill as far to the right as he can. MSNBC reports on the matter ..
Conflicts in the Senate and the House as to finding a reconciliation about what they want to see in the Health bill and what not. Is Ryan going to acheive the 60 votes he needs? Is Liebermann Flip-Flopping by changing his views on the bill from what he was saying three months ago? According to what most people are saying, it seems so.
Joe Lieberman managed to get his way last week by forcing the party to agree on a compromise and drop the Public Option, and instead permit 55- to 64-year-olds to buy themselves in with Medicare, but now that compromise is beginning to appear somewhat doubtful. One of the reasons for Opposition to the medicare buy-in is the theory that it would be more expensive to manifest than to use subsidies as the solution to make the bill possible.

Watch MSNBC report

Pay Per Tweet on Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is now offering a paid tweet comment service to Advertizers on their website and blog;
Advertisers will be able to pay for added comments in the tweets feed on articles featured in the Huffington Post. Although no Advertizers have signed up for the service yet, the topic is already recieveing a lot of interest and discussions around the Internet and Blogosphere. On Twitter itself non the least, is where the matter seems to be getting talked about the most of all. The SEo implications of this new feature of the Huffington Post are still unclear. Upon being asked how this should work, HP's President Greg Coleman gave an example of how viral marketing might work with the pay per comment twitterfeed advertizing service; "A company seeking advertising around the World Series might tweet about baseball", he said.
Although Twitter started as more of a social networking program, it has now become increasingly one of the most used SEO tools on the Internet for PR managers and entrepreneurs as well as  both Corporate and smaller business operations to connect with clients and promote their services. apart from this, Twitter is also used by webmasters to attract traffic to their websites and increase pagerank and adclicks
This latest development on Huffington Post is most definitely part of  Greg Coleman's projected goal of doubling the Huffington Post's Income level within the coming year. Coleman plans to increase the income of the Huffington Post by Six Times within the coming three years!
The paid tweets advertising service is still causing much uncertainty in the eyes of those who are watching the topic, as to whether the idea is viable or not. A secondary worry is that perhaps this kind of activity on Twitter will convert the twittersphere into another jumble of senselss information with automatically generated tweets that end up being out of context to the eyes of the readers. Is this going to influence the content quality of the tweets that fly around on Twitter? Will such a service be copied by other mega web publications to the point where Twitter is a jumble of automated information that is useful only to the soulless bots and spiders that the search engines send roaming around the www?

Dumping Tiger Woods

Everyone is "jumping and dumping" these days when it comes to Tiger Woods; Jumping in the sense of "Jumping on the Bandwagon", and Dumping in the sense of the fact that anyone of the corporate leeches who have been feeding off the Marketing possibilities of this Megastar Celebrity of International Golfing.

Pic left; Woods at the Accenture Match Play in Marana, Arizona
I myself find it pretty sick how people who have been intimate with him are rushing to get on the bandwagon and air their criticisms of Tiger Woods. No one seemed to be saying a word until he suddenly crashed his car in his own drive (i wonder if someone cut the brake cable?). The amount of persecution going on with Mr. Woods makes it look like he's been set up more than anything. Rome took a long time to fall, but Tiger Woods' interests are going down on all sides and falling like a stack of dominoes!

The National Enquirer publishes an alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel before  he crashes his car, with hardly any viral effect at all. Then the car crash happens and all of a sudden, not only this case goes viral, but a host of other women and alleged affairs crop up! If you can't call this a gravy train then i don't know what is. (remember people get big money in the U.S. for stories like this). pic left; Rachel Uchitel (ap pic).
 after the Rachel Uchitel affair began circulating, the rest of the alleged affairs  followed; Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress , Mindy Lawton a 33-year-old waitress, Cori Rist, is a 31-year-old blond, Holly Sampson and Joslyn James,  36 and 32 year  old porn stars (in that order),  27 year old Kalika Moquin , and call girl Loredana Jolie. Now Tiger's business interests and relationships are falling to pieces and he is being dumped by his associates as well as his personal contacts because of the damage occuring to his Public Image;

The latest group to start up the dumper-truck and get into gear pushing tiger off the edge of establishment into the rubbish pile of public demeanour is Accenture
Accenture is a consulting and outsourcing agency who has been using Tiger Woods' Celebrity status for years in their Service Marketing. Tiger even appears on some of their Stationery; so deep is their intertwinement with Tiger Woods when it comes to how deep they have relied on a single person to increment their Marketing Power. In my opinion, resting such a great deal of your Corporate Status on one person, in additon to the fact that that person being a Celebrity and not a Corporate Manager, for example, is anyway rather risky and unlikely to be much of a long term thing.

Reason being that Celebrities have their ups and downs, and are usually never to far from the precipice that leads to the Fall from fame and popularity. Considering this, i find it rather amazing that they have even managed to get as long a Time period out of his image as they have; Six Years, namely. the relationship between Accenture and Tiger Woods was also rather unconventional in the sense that, although Woods was recieving monetary funds from various companies registered with Accenture (such as Nike and EA), Woods was not in the habit of actually publicly endorsing any of these products or companies. Inplace of this, Woods was used to become the Frontman of the Band, so to speak. Accenture managed to use Tiger Woods as a surrogate for a real profile description of their services. Many of their advertising campaigns for their services didn't even describe what their policies were for their outsourcing, technology and management services were; Instead, they simply used Tiger Woods' image as their visual message, alongside non-descriptive obscure one liners such as "The road to high performance isn't always paved". 
Well, now that Accenture have begun to panic in the face of the witch-hunt like persecution of Tiger is on the rise, with condemnations coming from all sides, be they professional or personal, and have decided to join the dumping party and drop their relationship with him, they are going to find themselves hard put to extricate themselves from the situation. reason being that they have hedged all their bets on Tiger as their sole manner of professing their Marketing capabilities. Putting all your eggs in one basket has always been a risky business and a potential cause of regret however you look at it. They are going to have to dig out all their promotional data, be it their promotional videos, stationery, powerpoint shows etc, and start anew. Apart from this they are going to have to design a new strategy, hopefully (for them) without any reliance on any kind of individual in order to establish their Corporate Identity.
One shouldn't have to say that this should teach a great lesson to the Cormporate Marketing world, that reliance on a Celebrated individual is too risky, as to be honest, anyone with a brain should know this fact from the start. To be fair it is perhhaps forgivable that the mistake was made, considering the fact that Tiger Woods isn't a Rock Star or a Hollywood actor, rather a Golfer. Golf is not a sport which is riddled with scandal and usually has quite a stable image as far as the personalities within the scene are concerned. But still, you shouldn;t put all your eggs in one basket, even my Old Grandma knows this (she always told me not to do such a thing, and i don't).
Their Dumper-Truck seems to be quite a sporty model though, as if you visit their website you won't see Tiger Woods on the page at all. I wonder how much rushing around is going on in the offices there right now.

My opinion; I don't care what Tiger did or didn't do - hes still a great golfer. He's just a Human same as all of us and shold not be so persecuted. Look at Bill Clinton's admitted affair; he came clean and apologized and all was well, the people forgave him and he stayed in office. Let's do the same with Tiger Woods and let him have some of his life back.
Related Quotes;
“Most [companies] don’t invest or put all their eggs in one basket like this, We now see it takes only one scandal to make all the cards tumble" (Nina Lentini; Media Post Marketing).

Not the Huffington Post

This is not the Huffington Post, its the Puffington Host. What is the Puffington Host, well, its definitely not the Holy Ghost. The Puffington Host begins right here and goes on till the day i die and hopefully long after if it ends up becoming what i hope it to be.
What do i hope it to be? Well, i hope it to be my first and final massively successful blog, and develop and grow into a leading blog covering all top stories and news from around the World, as well as covering a multitude of obscure niche, alternative and underground topics.
This won;t be easy of course being the sole writer of the blog, but then again so was the case with the mega successful blog that is a pseudonym of this one. Which blog is that? i hear you ask; Well, ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Huffington Post of course!
The Huffington Post began as a one man blog and grew and grew in it's trajectopry of success to become the multi-authored mega blog that it is today.
Why am i attemmpting this? I don't know really, but it could be something to do with the fact that, after making over 70 blogs in my attemt to figure out how on earth (or elsewhere), you acheive success blogging.

After i came across the Huffington Post and saw the design format and topics covered, i decided to give it a go, because i realised that the amount of thoughts i have about so many topics and issues is a decent start for me to begin airing my views and writing articles about so many issues as there are flying around in my ultra complex and perhaps slightly paranois brain.
Keep coming back here to see what kind of stuff i shall be writing about.
But please remember, this is not the Huffington Post. It's the Puffington Host!

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