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Friday, December 25, 2009

Pope Knocked over

Today's Viral Video and Breaking News item was that of the Pope Benedict  being dragged to the ground by a woman in a red pulover who jumped over the railings as His Holiness walked past and rushed into him, knocking him down as she grabbed him whilst falling.

security guards were pretty quick to react, i mean, the Pope still ended up being dragged to the ground as she grabbed him, but security was almost instant in their reactions, grabbing the "assailant" Miss Susanna Maiolo (25) and helping the Pope back to his feet. Pope Benedict then continued his procession as normal, if only perhaps slightly stunned. Uncannily, although the Pope was completely unhurt,Cardinal Etchegaray (87) who was standing a few meters away from the Pope when the incident occured, suffered a broken leg, and was carted off to hospital.

Miss Maiolo is currently also in Hospital under observation. Apparently, this isn't the forst time that Miss Maiolo has attempted to rush the Pope by jumping over a barrier; she is alleged to have tried to do the same thing last year too!

Alma Mater: Featuring The Voice of Pope Benedict XVI 
Pic left; Pope assailant Susanna Maiolo

A Vatican spokesman stated that Maiolo (a Swiss Italian) was "apparently unbalanced," but that they would be "very lenient" with her and said that she would be pardoned. "It was an assault, but it wasn't dangerous because she wasn't armed,"

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