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Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Lieberman Flip Flopping on Public Health Bill?

MSNBC reports;
Joe Lieberman accused of "Flip-Flopping" on the Healthcare Bill apparently he has changed his stance in a short period of just three months and is being questioned if he is a Liberal or a Republican because of his varied utterings on his opposition to the public Health Care bill and his attempt to drag the bill as far to the right as he can. MSNBC reports on the matter ..
Conflicts in the Senate and the House as to finding a reconciliation about what they want to see in the Health bill and what not. Is Ryan going to acheive the 60 votes he needs? Is Liebermann Flip-Flopping by changing his views on the bill from what he was saying three months ago? According to what most people are saying, it seems so.
Joe Lieberman managed to get his way last week by forcing the party to agree on a compromise and drop the Public Option, and instead permit 55- to 64-year-olds to buy themselves in with Medicare, but now that compromise is beginning to appear somewhat doubtful. One of the reasons for Opposition to the medicare buy-in is the theory that it would be more expensive to manifest than to use subsidies as the solution to make the bill possible.

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