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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pay Per Tweet on Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is now offering a paid tweet comment service to Advertizers on their website and blog;
Advertisers will be able to pay for added comments in the tweets feed on articles featured in the Huffington Post. Although no Advertizers have signed up for the service yet, the topic is already recieveing a lot of interest and discussions around the Internet and Blogosphere. On Twitter itself non the least, is where the matter seems to be getting talked about the most of all. The SEo implications of this new feature of the Huffington Post are still unclear. Upon being asked how this should work, HP's President Greg Coleman gave an example of how viral marketing might work with the pay per comment twitterfeed advertizing service; "A company seeking advertising around the World Series might tweet about baseball", he said.
Although Twitter started as more of a social networking program, it has now become increasingly one of the most used SEO tools on the Internet for PR managers and entrepreneurs as well as  both Corporate and smaller business operations to connect with clients and promote their services. apart from this, Twitter is also used by webmasters to attract traffic to their websites and increase pagerank and adclicks
This latest development on Huffington Post is most definitely part of  Greg Coleman's projected goal of doubling the Huffington Post's Income level within the coming year. Coleman plans to increase the income of the Huffington Post by Six Times within the coming three years!
The paid tweets advertising service is still causing much uncertainty in the eyes of those who are watching the topic, as to whether the idea is viable or not. A secondary worry is that perhaps this kind of activity on Twitter will convert the twittersphere into another jumble of senselss information with automatically generated tweets that end up being out of context to the eyes of the readers. Is this going to influence the content quality of the tweets that fly around on Twitter? Will such a service be copied by other mega web publications to the point where Twitter is a jumble of automated information that is useful only to the soulless bots and spiders that the search engines send roaming around the www?


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