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Monday, December 14, 2009

Berlusconi Punched

Amazing Video footage of Italy's Pemiere and Media boss Silvio Berlusconi being attacked and punched in the face with a statue by a man who climbed over the rail as Berlusconi was leaving the Piazza.
The assailant, whose name was given by the Police to be Massimo Tartaglia, (42), is said to posess no criminal record. Berluscono was signing autographs after speaking at a rally given by the Freedom People party last Sunday, as he was attacked by Tartaglia with a metal statue, which was used to pummel him in the face with. Berlusconi appeared stunned and was ushered into the car. He sat there for a few monents and then got out again and seemed a little angry, but was quicly re-ushered back into the safety of his limousine. See Video and pictures below.


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