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Monday, December 14, 2009

Not the Huffington Post

This is not the Huffington Post, its the Puffington Host. What is the Puffington Host, well, its definitely not the Holy Ghost. The Puffington Host begins right here and goes on till the day i die and hopefully long after if it ends up becoming what i hope it to be.
What do i hope it to be? Well, i hope it to be my first and final massively successful blog, and develop and grow into a leading blog covering all top stories and news from around the World, as well as covering a multitude of obscure niche, alternative and underground topics.
This won;t be easy of course being the sole writer of the blog, but then again so was the case with the mega successful blog that is a pseudonym of this one. Which blog is that? i hear you ask; Well, ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Huffington Post of course!
The Huffington Post began as a one man blog and grew and grew in it's trajectopry of success to become the multi-authored mega blog that it is today.
Why am i attemmpting this? I don't know really, but it could be something to do with the fact that, after making over 70 blogs in my attemt to figure out how on earth (or elsewhere), you acheive success blogging.

After i came across the Huffington Post and saw the design format and topics covered, i decided to give it a go, because i realised that the amount of thoughts i have about so many topics and issues is a decent start for me to begin airing my views and writing articles about so many issues as there are flying around in my ultra complex and perhaps slightly paranois brain.
Keep coming back here to see what kind of stuff i shall be writing about.
But please remember, this is not the Huffington Post. It's the Puffington Host!


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